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IGLO is the market leader in temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics to the food industry in particular, offering quality end-to-end temperature-controlled warehousing, transportation, and logistics solutions in Malaysia and China. IGLO owns and operates a multiple temperature-controlled facilities (MTCF) in Port Klang, Malaysia.

IGLO is recognised by the industry and market as the pioneer and a key player in the temperature-controlled logistics industry, especially for temperature-controlled warehousing, where its MTCF in Port Klang with capacity of 18,000 pallets is one of the largest cold storage facilities in Malaysia.

IGLO’s expertise lies in providing quality end-to-end cold chain logistics solutions particularly for the food and beverage industries e.g. ice cream, fast food, dairy products, marine produce, meat, poultry, vegetables, fruits, soft drink & etc. IGLO is also able to provide similar solutions to such non-food products which require specific skills and knowledge in the storage and handling services such as tobacco and semiconductor chips. In fact, IGLO is the first company in Malaysia to pioneer the unique tempering process in relation to storage and handling of tobacco products in a temperature controlled environment.

One of its major competitive advantages is its state-of-art MTCF which allows all operational activities to be carried out under-one-roof to ensure “no break in cold chain”. This is vital in maintaining the requisite temperature of the goods at all times especially during the transfer from the container to the cold room and vice versa thus preserving the quality of perishable products. A break in the cold chain will cause “heat shock” to the perishable products as well as result in the crystallization of ice and hence reduced the quality and shelf life of the affected perishable products.

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