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IGLO’s MTCF is designed and built based on the international logistics operating requirement where the MTCF has an additional transit holding area before the loading and unloading of goods are carried out. It is an important provision for preventing the goods from suffering “heat shock” which would affect the quality of the goods.

The other aspects that differentiate IGLO than the others are the supply chain initiatives that reflect IGLO’s commitments to improve the standard of its facilities and operations on its own accord in order to provide customers satisfaction:-

  1. IGLO is the first cold chain logistics company in Malaysia to be awarded the HACCP certification by Lloyds International in 2006. This has greatly assisted its customers in their export to European Union countries;
  2. Furthermore, IGLO is also the first cold chain logistics company in Malaysia to be awarded the HALAL certification by JAKIM in 2010;
  3. IGLO is also the first cold chain logistics company in Malaysia who adopted the RFID in its TCL operations to track its pallets movements and location. This is not only enhances FIFO and LIFO control but also provides accuracy and reliability of the pallet slot.

Another milestone achieved by IGLO was the building of the first temperature-controlled cross dock centre in Malaysia in 2007 with the purpose to provide logistics solutions to the customers e.g. hypermarkets and supermarkets who desire for “low volume and high frequency orders” operations. Cross-docking is a practice in logistics of unloading materials from an incoming truck and loading these materials directly into outbound trucks or trailers, with little or no storage in between. This may be done to change type of conveyance, to sort material intended for different destinations, or to combine material from different origins into transport vehicles (or containers) with the same, or similar destination.

The MTCF is strategically located in North Port, Port Klang which provides IGLO advantage over its competitors whose base are not in close proximity to port or airport. The strategic location of its MTCF is seen as a key advantage for those customers whose products are imported or exported overseas as it helps its customers to optimise their distribution networks thus to a certain extent, reduce their operating costs and operating risks.

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