Temperature-controlled cross docking

Temperature Controlled Cross Docking Solution

Cross docking is a relatively new logistics technique used in the retail and supply chain sectors to rapidly consolidate shipments from different locations and realise economies of scale through out-bound transportation. The idea is to transfer incoming shipments directly to outgoing trailers, minimising or even eliminating the need to store products in the warehouse, during the process.

IGLO’s cross docking services include picking and break bulk services as well as other value-added services, catering to the needs of both manufacturers and retailers in streamlining their modern supply chain from point-of-origin to point of sale, and facilitating substantial savings in their operating costs and distribution expenses. This would also minimise operational functions such as the usage of trucks or documentation.

With this facility in place, incoming goods from various suppliers can be consolidated and shipped out within the same day, directly to customers and retailers. Retailers who are striving to turn their ‘supply chains’ into ‘demand chains,’ where local branches and warehouses stock and replenish only the inventory they immediately need, can leverage IGLO cross docking to support a demand-based distribution system.

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